Award-winning developers bolster Budbo's roster of veteran blockchain architects.

With more than 15 years combined experience in the blockchain space, the four new Budbo blockchain engineers have individually and collectively amassed a long list of achievements and specialties, including:

  • Development of cross-industry big data applications
  • Significant systems theory background
  • Development of first ever multi signature-based ICO and creation of script to construct valid transactions with 1,000+ inputs
  • Creation of first ever C# wallet
  • Deep experience in software engineering (C++, Python, Scala, Golang)
  • Creation of first ever C++ PBFT implementation
  • Signal analysis background
  • In-depth knowledge of machine learning and AI
  • Winner of prestigious "Blockchain Hackathon" competition

Budbo's blockchain engineering team is now equipped to accelerate development of the platform, ensuring it meets the highest technical and industry standards possible. Budbo's private blockchain will provide easy integration via open standard APIs.

By leveraging blockchain's capability to create an immutable history of data, Budbo's customers gain access to a secure, private, tamper-proof, mathematically verifiable record of their data content. The solution will also lower transaction, compliance and cyber costs, while relying on fewer intermediaries. Budbo's mathematically-certified data across systems and business functions will enable construction of an impenetrable audit trail.

Crucially, this full spectrum of advanced features will also help ensure all sectors in the cannabis pursuit are operating within the legal boundaries set forth by various industry regulators.

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