Budbo Roadmap

NOV 2016

MPV/Beta Release of Budbo Mobile app.

FEB 2017

TI discussing Budbo App at the Super Party in Houston.

FEB 2017

Budbo debut at iHeart Superbowl Party.

APRIL 2017

"Cannabis and technology are a dream team."

Budbo ranked #1 by Herb.co.

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SEP 2017

Investorshub International Cannabis Conference

CTO &emp; Co-Founder Jacob Patterson speaking on the importance of Blockchain at Investorshub International Cannabis Conference.

NOV 2017

Budbo launches community fundraise efforts. Debutes Budbo Utility Token.

DEC 2017

President Luke Patterson with Cannabis Legend and Icon Tommy Chong.

JAN 2018

International Blockchain Summit Dubai — Guest Speaker President Luke Paterson.

JAN 22-24, 2018

London Blockchain Week — Guest Speaker COO Gary Heitz and President Luke Patterson.

Jan 25-26, 2018

London Crypto Economy World Tour — Guest Speaker CTO Jacob Patterson.

JAN 29-30, 2018

Amsterdam Crypto Economy World Tour — Guest Speaker COO Gary Heitz.

Singapore Blockchain Economic Forum.

FEB 2018

Community Fundraise complete with over 20,000 contributors to the Budbo project.

FEB 16-18, 2018

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain SuperConference in Dallas, TX. — Budbo meets with John McAfee to further blockchain alliances.

FEB 26-28, 2018

Miami Blockchain & Capital Market Conference.

MARCH 13, 2018

SXSW Budbo Crypto Event — COO Gary Heitz and President Luke Paterson guest speakers on blockchain panel.

APRIL 2018

Budbo ENG team starts development of Budbo’s Blockchain.

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MAY 2018

Budbo partners with Low Spark Capital to integrate delivery tracking and shipping via Budbo Trax platform.

JUNE 2018

Budbo partners with Phuneware. World Class Development firm to assist in mobile app audience engagement, building, automation.

AUG 2018

Budbo Partners with Tubix, Lounge Lizzard, and Itellectsoft to work on design and development of mobile app. List of clients include: Fox News, WWE, FIFA, Paramount Pictures, Audi, Clinique, ETC.

AUG 2018

Budbo partners with Growpayments to utilize BUBO token within their online marketplace and POS integration.

AUG 2018

Budbo is an official sponsor for MJBizConINT’L Toronto.

SEPT 2018

Budbo brings on Kyle Hayungs to the Budbo Team. Founder of Merchant Resources Group and Anytime Medicare.

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