Built for Cannabis Ancillery Services

You Can Now Utilize the Power of Blockchain in Your Business

    Budbo's open API access allows for custom-tailored blockchain solutions for any ancillary service in the cannabis industry. With Budbo you will find unprecedented security for your valuable data sets. A historical immutable record ensures full compliance, regulation and oversight in a unbroken chain of custody and lossless data.


  • Lifecycle reporting and tracking
  • Compliance integration
  • ERP
  • Auto-ordering of nutrients and supplies
  • Interoperability between sales and supply chain
  • Plant phases / additives
  • Dmployee / interactions

Manufacturers / Processors

  • Compliance integrations and reporting
  • ERP
  • Auto-ordering of supplies
  • Interoperability between sales purchases and supply chain

Retailers / Dispensaries

  • Compliance integrations and reporting
  • ERP
  • Auto-ordering of inventory
  • Interoperability between sales
  • Purchases and supply chain
  • Increased security and backup
  • OS system integration


  • Real-time traceability with secured purchase orders on an immutable ledger ensuring trust

Lab Testing Facilities

  • Compliance reporting
  • tandards and measures
  • Onteroperability between lab and grower/manufacturer
  • Immutable records and results
  • Open API access for shared data

Medical Testing Facilities

  • Baseline standards and measures
  • Immutable records and results
  • Verified purchases and clinical trials
  • Open API access for shared data

Doctors / Patients

  • Open feedback on symptoms and results
  • Verified/shared data collection and clinical trials through immutable ledger
  • Verified purchases on treatment products and prescriptions
  • Open API access for shared data

Point of Sale

  • Safety and security of blockchain
  • Sales analytics
  • Compliance reporting and record keeping
  • Cryptocurrency integrations

Seed to Sale

  • METRC integration
  • Increased analytics and data reporting
  • State compliance records
  • Full visibility into the entire supply chain


  • Seamless integration with METRC securing
  • Encrypting and analyzing invaluable datasets


  • Full visibility into entire supply chain
  • Interoperability between all parties involved
  • Secure api access through smart contract and verifiable token exchange
  • Security and reliability of blockchain

Compliance & Regulation

  • Local state and federal detailed analytics
  • Real-time chain of custody

Cannabis Logistics

  • Real-time tracking
  • Manifest reports
Blockchain Flow