Global Blockchain Solutions
for the Cannabis Industry

“Budbo facilitates unprecedented tracking of products in compliance with local, state, and federal government laws.”

- Winner of CIO Review 20 most promising supply chain providers 2018

CIO supply chain providers 2018
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Budbo v2.0

Our Mission

Imagine, if you will, the entire cannabis industry as a decentralized autonomous organization. Where a patient’s identification and medication regimen are encrypted and safely stored within the ledger of a blockchain. Where a smart contract enables the safe transfer of goods through verifiable proof of pick ups, bill of ladings, and proof of deliveries. Medical testing of cannabis potency is verified and immutable as the product is moved from lab to dispensary. The community at large is a self-governing group of activists, patients, physicians, developers, artists and enthusiasts all working towards the common goal of improving the cannabis industry through contributing votes, time, code and knowledge to the decentralized applications and network of Budbo.

Budbo Cannabis Blockchain

Blockchain Models for All Sectors of the Cannabis Industry

Budbo offers standard and custom blockchain solutions for a variety of cannabis related services and industries. There is no substitute for security and compliance than blockchain’s immutable ledger. Move your records, transactions, and compliance reports to Budbo’s Blockchain today.


Regulation & Compliance

Facilitates compliance and regulation with strict state and local governments by allowing for regulatory agencies to view the entire lifecycle and chain of custody



Private Blockchain System



Decentralized, distributed data immutability



Structured data formatting



Extends to regulatory use cases



Designed for enterprise data volumes



​Algorithmic information reports



Data tied to the souce, creator and editor

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Open standards API

Built for Cannabis Ancillery Services

You Can Now Utilize the Power of Blockchain in Your Business

Budbo's open API access allows for custom-tailored blockchain solutions for any ancillary service in the cannabis industry. With Budbo you will find unprecedented security for your valuable data sets. A historical immutable record ensures full compliance, regulation and oversight in a unbroken chain of custody and lossless data.

Cannabis Logistics

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Manifest Reports


  • Plant phases
  • Additives
  • Employee interactions


  • Product Proceesses

Lab Testing

  • QA Testing
  • Verified Results

Medical Research

  • A.I. Data Analysis
  • Alogrithmic Data Structure


  • Product Origin
  • Resource Planning

Dispensaries & Retailers

  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Analytics
  • Market Place Ordering

Compliance & Regulation

  • Local, State Federal
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Real-time Chain of Custody
Blockchain Flow

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